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Attorney Kelly is someone you can rely on to ensure that the future of your estate is handled adequately, competently, professionally and according to your wishes.  


The assistance of a competent lawyer is required at some point during the course of most people’s lives.  There are legal matters that should be addressed long before some life events.  Attorney Heather Kelly understands the feelings associated with making tough legal decisions through bad times and will thoroughly explain the various courses of actions available. Preparation is key!


Life is filled with unexpected events and preparation for unforeseen circumstances is essential in estate planning.  To ensure that your care is in the hands of individuals you love and trust, advanced directive documents can help your family understand your wishes and potentially avoid costly court litigation should you be rendered incapable of making decisions yourself.  Legally sound documents such as a Power of Attorney or Living Will can go a very long way in easing your family’s burden of already stressful situations... and YOU want to have peace of mind knowing that the friends or family members YOU choose will oversee your care and keeping.


It is always in your best interest to maintain a will. A will is a document that documents your wishes with respect to the transfer of property and any assets at death.  Having a will can eliminate the need for costly court battles over property and may decrease estate tax requirements.  Call today ago discuss your Will!


Too often families wait too long and are left making agonizing decisions that divide families at the most difficult times of their lives. Call Attorney Heather A. Kelly today to prepare clear and comprehensive legal documents that ensure your wishes are honored. Make sure the gift of clarity and security are left to those you love.