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As an advocate for family members (individuals) rights, your case will be handled by Heather Kelly as if it was her own.  She has handled numerous cases from custody, divorce, support, and enforcement of court orders, dependency and termination of parental rights.  Don’t let a difficult situation driven by emotion get the best of you.  Allow Attorney Kelly to guide you through the emotionally charged and trying process and get you the best possible outcome for you individual situation.  Weather you need a divorce, visitation or custody of your child(ren) or grandchild(ren) or need to enforce an existing agreement, trust Attorney Kelly with your family law matters and get the outcome you deserve. 


Are you thinking about Divorce?  Do you need to file for divorce?  DO NOT navigate the law or the process yourself!  Let Attorney Kelly’s office make sure your complaint is filed in a timely manner, that the proper claims are contained in it and that you have not lost any rights in the process.  Although couples can have  a divorce in 90 days, it is unusual and most divorce cases are drawn out, unnecessarily.  Let Attorney Kelly remove some of the overwhelming stress involved in an already highly emotional divorce process….. and ensure you are protected.  Don’t delay, contact her now. 




Custody is a terrifying concept for everyone but there may be solutions that can help preserve relationships.  A custody plan should be enforceable whether you’re the custodial parent or the parent with visitation rights.  You will want to know you’re rights and have then protected.  Additionally, children deserve to have all that their parents can provide for them until they grow into adulthood.  This includes a stable environment, clothing, food and a safe place to call home.  Child support payments are determined as a means to that end.  The parent who lives with the child is the custodial parent and is typically entitled to child support payments. Since the modification of support payments can be difficult, it is important to establish child support payments correctly the first time.  As a parent of two children, Ms. Kelly is a strong advocate for those who expect to receive child support as well as for those who expect to pay child support. Call today to prevent costly problems later on!


A scary life challenge is the divorce process.  There are two types of divorces in Pennsylvania, contested and uncontested.  Uncontested divorces are usually easier on all parties, however, when you and your spouse fail to agree on some aspect of the separation, the divorce is considered contested and that’s when things can get expensive.  Don’t let a solvable disagreement cost you more money than necessary in a contested battle.  Call me and I will strive to settle your divorce through negotiations... not trials!

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