Former prosecutor/legal intern/ intern at Allegheny County District Attorney’s Office 1996-2015


After dedicating nearly the first 12 years of my career as an Assistant District Attorney, I have had over 2300 days of courtroom experience in the criminal justice field. I have handled hundreds/thousands of Preliminary Hearings enabling me to be able to argue and think quickly on my feet very early on in my career.  I have handled summary violations, hundreds of non-jury (bench) trials and had numerous jury trials.  I handled general cases, (retail thefts, drug possessions, DUI’s), Mental Health Court, for two years, and Domestic Violence cases (assaults, kidnapping, theft, robberies, attempted homicides) in the latter part of my career. After, handling Domestic Violence cases for over 6 years, I decided to venture out into the private world. I was confident that my experiences in the DA’s Office would make me quite capable to handle defense cases, family cases, and estate work.     


Having the honor to be the Assistant District Attorney who handled Mental Health Court, I was able to learn and understand the flip side of the criminal system.  It enabled me to see first hand the drug and alcohol dependencies and mental health illness and the ramifications these diseases have on individuals.  Focusing on treatment in addition to rehabilitation provided a new perspective on handling criminal cases. 


The most rewarding years of my career at the Allegheny District Attorney’s Office was during my tenure as a Domestic Violence Prosecutor.  Helping to keep victims safe and free from harm and stopping the cycle of abuse was my main goal.